Pantone rules the world

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Pantone rules the world

Who is Pantone and why should I care?

Pantone is the New Jersey color think-tank that determines the colors that will trend in everything. They have identified and labeled every color mixable. Manufacturers use their formulas from paint to appliances to national flags to home furniture. What affects many of us most directly, though, is fashion.

How do you look in violet?

While Pantone selects ten colors for a season, they pick one (or in 2016, two) top color(s) to feature for the year. You can be sure you’ll be seeing that hue everywhere you go!

Does that mean you have to wear that color? Hardly!

Years ago, I had my ‘colors’ read. I’m a spring, with tinges of fall. I don’t think they do that any more, do they? It was incredibly useful, though, throughout my life. I knew walking into a store which colors of that gorgeous cashmere pullover I could wear, and which ones would never work for me. Looking at this season’s Pantone selections I know I’ll have a happy spring. But, Ultra Violet, by itself, is NOT my color, even if it trends big on Pinterest!

Any color can work as an accessory.

A little touch of any color on a canvas of your favorite hue can make you look current, edgy, polished. Keep that in mind for yourself when you say you can’t wear a color. If yellow turns your complexion sallow, you can still wear dandelion hued bracelets with confidence! That’s how Ultra Violet will make it into my wardrobe. (Think amethysts!)

Why do manufacturers pay attention to Pantone?

There are millions of colors available in dyes, paints, inks and pigments. Designers and manufacturers crave guidance on how to select their colorways, because no one wants to put all their efforts into red plum when violet is the popular favorite. Their product will end up on the sale table while others who guessed right made profit.

And, fashion designers know everyone will be on the same page. Their products will coordinate with items made by accessory makers, scarf makers, button and zipper makers and makers of other integrated components.

How do they get everyone’s color to match?

Pantone is a color matching company. That means they assign each color a number based on their own color scale system. Nearly all manufacturers and designers subscribe to Pantone’s service. That way they can designate a color by its ID number and everyone involved knows exactly which shade of hot pink they mean.

Here are the colors Pantone chose for Spring 2018

Ultra Violet is the color of the year

This year is one of my favorite collections from Pantone. The colors are happy, clear, mixable and easy to wear. And, surprise! This chart was found on a Dutch website. Didn't I say it's ruling the world?

What do you think of this palette? Can you wear every color, there? Will you appreciate Ultra Violet as much in November as you do in March? Click on comments to leave your opinions!


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