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Jewelry as an art form. True art.

Art jewelry is sculpture for the body. Very personal sculpture that warms next to your skin.

The pieces you choose to wear will be images that also warm your heart and are meaningful.

When you dress for everyday or an event, you understand that jewelry polishes your appearance. It helps you feel strong when you are nervous, pretty when you are insecure.

In a crowd of strangers, a unique and detailed image helps others see you as relevant from the start. Perfectly chosen pieces don’t just speak to you. They also speak your language to everyone who sees you, before you utter a word.

I don’t think important art jewelry needs to cost tens of thousands of dollars and be paved with diamonds.

Today, the ultimate in luxury is exclusivity. Pieces that are one of a kind, made one at a time, by hand, are as exclusive as you can get.

While they can be duplicated, popped out like cookies or more limited, like a print from a painting, I produce only original art jewelry in my premiere collection. This is the ultimate ‘slow fashion’, crafted entirely by hand with files, chisels, hammers and fire. When you find the perfect pieces, know they are yours, alone.

Many of my designs lean more “rococo” with a modern attitude. A concern for nature, the flora and fauna I find so breathlessly fragile influence my theme, color choices and sources, but ultimately each piece must narrate a story for you.Repousse copper necklace

I believe our hands were meant to create beauty.

I was a professional portrait painter and gallery owner for years..

I loved doing that, but moving to Florida to care for my aging parents meant leaving that life behind. It was my honor to do that, and in time it was possible to begin again to build a business, but It felt like a new start called for a fresh start.

Over the years I’ve gone through “phases” of handcraft from raku pottery to lace making, but was kept completely enrapt by how humans decorate their bodies.

Indeed, I’d have a tattoo but my European husband would have apoplexy. (Shhh! Our secret!). Instead, I chose hand crafted jewelry.

Sculpting metal with my mind, hand and hammer is soul filling.

Prehnite necklace with silver pendantStudying ethnic jewelry techniques I found the special character hammered in each piece by the hand of the artist who made it, and I believe craftsmanship by hand to be the finest expression of human creativity.

Your jewelry should be a one and only art piece. There just isn’t any reason it can’t be.

Every piece is meticulously designed and carefully hand-wrought by me.Rose Petal front back

Often, there are hidden details on the reverse or inside; a secret message between me, the maker, and you, the wearer.

I take extra care to design for your comfort and hand selected each stone for its quality, personality and color.

After all, it is your piece of art.Monogram2011 Read about my Giving Plan … here.

I'm so glad you found me!

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