Wow. This jewelry will look good on you. You'll look great! They'll think you look smart. Does that mean intelligent, or stylish? I'm never sure, but you'll look both. They'll all think you love nature, because you do. I do, too. A lot. It's my inspiration.

In my hands, with my heart, ornate textures, glossy colors and sparkling stones emerge from sheets of metal, ground glass and rough rocks.

In my studio

Here, I'm sitting at the stump with the pitch bowl holding a sheet of copper. The chisel in my hand is embossing the copper with the loving persuasion of my hammer. After many hours of hammering, on both sides of the metal, a refined three dimensional image appears. This is sculpture, in miniature, made for jewelry.

Love Letters

Outstanding jewelry. Outstanding service! My wife was so thrilled to receive this necklace. It is absolutely lovely. Customer service, shipping, and tracking were exceptional. Thank you!

William C., Maryland

I cannot explain how exquisite ... and positively beautiful these two bracelets are. Your craftsmanship and care that goes in to each design; the color choice and the stones themselves are exquisite. I absolutely love them. The Marco Polo bracelet is incredible … delicate and wonderful yet strong. So is the Sugarplum. I could not be happier. I have the Sugarplum on today. It is magnificent. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mary M., Illinois

Most gorgeous piece of jewelry I have ever owned. Amazing Amazing! This woman is amazing, above and beyond! Thanks for working with me on payment plan and the extra bonus! Highly recommend! Thank you!

Kristi W., Maryland

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the Tropical Studio

Define handmade. Does it mean the artist made it?

Define handmade. Does it mean the artist made it?

It can be aggravating to check out a supposed “handmade” venue and find questionable pieces! I buy other artists’ pieces myself! As a collector, as well as a maker I find it frustrating to find the term “handmade” misunderstood, misused and undefined.
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Sustainability in the studio

Sustainability in the studio

Sustainability and jewelry making.

Balancing sustainability with gemstones, metals, and the chemicals involved in metalsmithing is complicated. I am very aware of the effects of all these activities on our environment so I endeavor to keep my impact to a minimum.


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Working in the Tropical Studio

Hammer and chisels on sheet silver. A bowl of warm pitch. A tree stump. Traditional tools of the repoussage artist.